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Safety Graduates Initiative. 

We have an initiative whereby we place the unemployed graduates and young people who have done safety training or safety courses across the country in the manufacturing, mining, engineering and construction industries. As a Safety Training Company, we realised that most South African graduates are sitting at home with their qualifications because they can’t get jobs and also because of their zero-workplace experience. Most companies expect job applicants to have experience which ranges from 1 to 15 years and for fresh graduates this is a barrier.

During the previous year we placed graduates to small construction companies with the aim of benefiting them and the companies as well and we can assure you that they are doing very well. Unemployment is a challenge to South African graduates and we like to help decrease the numbers of unemployment.

This initiative has been broadcasted On Ligwalagwala FM, and we’ve been featured on Tshwane TV’s new show called Community Notice Board. We are working with several companies on this amazing initiative.

Money Breakfast Sessions. 

The Managing director of IST Mrs. Busi Selesho educates people about “money” on a monthly basis across the country whereby she educates them on how they can make, get, keep and have a better relationship with money, during these sessions people grasp a lot and by the minute the sessions end,  their lives and their minds take a greater shift. She travels to places such as Drakensberg educating people about all the money issues they have in their lives and she does this without expecting anything from them.

Money is an important assert of our lives, hence when we don’t have money we almost don’t function. We mostly on a daily basis on a quest to go get money for our families and us but that money always seems to never be enough. We sometimes even go to jobs we do not like just to make money. We take jobs that gives us less money than we need. Actually a job or a business is not where the problem lies, we can have the best paying jobs but still not have money, it happens all the time. The key to have money lies on the relationship we have with money.

The reason why she started teaching about money was because a lot of people she knows wanted her to share with them about her business success, they wanted to know how she made it. Mostly when she shared that it wasn’t really about the business it was about the relationship she had developed with Money, they couldn’t understand. If they did understand, it just didn’t work for them because, it’s a process that needs to be practiced it’s not a one-day job.

Every session has a different topic, and so far, they tackled the following topics:

  1. Things that makes the word “Amazing” happen.
  2. How to change our money status, how to allow money in our lives.
  3. How to get what you really, really, really want.
  4. Money and Ego- How ego can block us in creating the life we dream about.
  5. Bridging the gap between you and money.
  6. How to get off the debt vibration.

It is easy to have Money, but there is a bridge to Money. Allowing abundance is simple, but not always easy. A job or a business is not a way to have money, it is only a way to get money, remember: YOU NEED TO HAVE MONEY BEFORE YOU CAN GET MONEY.

Workshops and Coaching. 

We offer free workshops to companies to equip them to be able to implement a culture of safety in their organisations. These workshops also help supervisors understand the role of safety in improving production numbers. We also coach and mentor safety officers that are still in colleges and FETs, giving them industry working experience, helping them advance their careers in the safety industry. In addition, we also offer
workshops to educate youth about the safety industry.

We coach and mentor young professionals to find fulfilling jobs, do better and provide value in their positions. We hope for a better future for the youth with solid education to enable them to start businesses and become leaders; women in particular will benefit as independence will help decrease the statistics of women and child abuse. We also help small construction companies to put proper safety systems in place for free, so they can
increase their chances of getting deals and perform better in their work.

IST HSE Solutions wishes to see young people have hope for a better future through education, business startups and see them become leaders; also to see women start businesses that will take care of their families and see women professionals diving into the corporate world as caring leaders, making a difference in decision-making.