COVID-19 Workplace preparedness plans

Isipho Sempilo SHEQ solutions can assist

The department of employment and labour requires that “individual business or workplaces must have COVID-19 rest assessments [HIRA] and plans in place, and must conduct worker education on COVID-19 and protection measures”

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We are a Health and Safety Consulting and Training Firm.

We help companies save lives and save millions of Rands by taking care of all their safety needs, so that they can fully focus on their business, their customers and on growing their profits.


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Mining safety training

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Professional diving


Safety culture programs


Safety systems

Safety Files

ISO 360


Coaching and counseling

Executive wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs

Wellness Testing

Safety Enterprise Development

Safety as a profit tools

Safety as a business growth strategy

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A global provider of professional ISO standards trainings and certifications, to expand our compliance offering in the South African and African market.

Based on the agreement,  ISIPHO SEMPILO SHEQ SOLUTIONS will begin to provide services related to ISO standards.


 Occupational Health and Safety Training


Safety Culture Enabling Tools


Safety Management Optimisation


Safety for Higher Rewards


Safety Enterprise Development


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COVID-19 Workplace preparedness plans

1. Review Risk assessment to cover Covid-19


3. Appointment of a Manager to oversee Covid-19 daily management

4. Disinfectants, sanitisers, and personal hygiene

5. Administrative controls (support and coaching) PART OF MONITORING

6. Healthy and safe work practices

7. PPE


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We are a fully accredited training provider with the following relevant accreditation bodies:

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Health and Safety Consulting

  • Health, Safety and Environmental(HSE) Management System
  • Baseline/GAP Audits
  • Risk Assessments Audits
  • Risk Management Performance
  • Legal Compliance Audits
  • Health and Safety Site Inspections
  • HSE Filing Kits/ Health and Safety Files
  • Web Based Tracking System
  • HSE Smart Phone Application o Health and Safety Plans
  • Health and Safety Site Plans

Occupational Health and Safety Training

  • Fire Fighting Level 1-3
  • First Aid Level 1-3
  • General Safety o Evacuation Plan
  • Breathing Apparatus o Basic Hygiene
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Mine Health & Safety Representative
  • Advanced Safety Representative
  • Incident Investigation
  • The Safety Committee
  • Chairmanship Skills
  • Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHASA)
  • Advance Occupational Health and Safety
  • Safety Audits o Supervisory Skills
  • Stacking & Storage Regulations
  • Health and Safety Programmes
  • HIV/Aids Workplace Programmes

Dangerous Goods Training

  • Hazchem Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation and Legislation
  • Gas Safety Handling Seminar

Workshops and Seminars

  • Occupational Health and Safety Seminars
  • General Safety Seminar
  • Mommy First Aid Workshop
  • Buddy Aid Workshop
  • Home Fire Safety Workshop
  • Home Health and Safety Seminar

Safety Culture Enabling Tools

  • Safety Culture for Managers
  • Safety Culture for Supervisors
  • Safety Culture Motivation Seminar
  • Safety Culture Drive
  • Safety Culture Optimisation

Safety for Higher Rewards

  • Safety for Higher Rewards Workshops
  • Safety For higher Rewards Programme

Safety Management Optimisation

  • Safety Performance Management System
  • Safety Management Strategy

Lifting Equipment Certification and Training

  • National Certificate: Lifting Machine Operations
  • Crane Operations
  • Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Truck Mounted Crane Operation
  • Lift Trucks – All Lifting Equipment
  • Forklift o Reach Truck
  • Counterbalance Lift Truck
  • Pallet Lift Truck
  • Stacker Lift Truck TLB
  • Basic Rigging and Slinging
  • Aerial Platforms Operations

Construction and Earthmoving Equipment

  • Hand Tools Assessments(Drilling, Grinding, Welding, Jackhammer, Shutter hand, Concrete Hand)
  • Mines Health and Safety Act
  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Spaces
  • Scaffolding Inspector and Erector
  • Earthmoving Equipment Training
  • Pay loader / Front End loader
  • Ship Crane
  • Chainsaw Operation
  • Excavator
  • Dump Trucks

Professional Driver Training

  • National Certificate: Professional Driving Training
  • K53 Novice Training, (Code 08, B)
  • K53 Refresher Training (Code 08, B)
  • Defensive Driver Training, (Code 08, B)
  • Advance Safety Driver Training, (Code 08, B)
  • Defensive and Advanced Safety Training Combo, (Code 08, B)
  • Defensive Driver Training and Hijack Prevention Combo, (Code 08, B)
  • K53 Refresher Training (Code 10, 14, C1, EC1, C and EC)
  • Defensive Driver Training, (Code 10, 14, C1, EC1, C and EC)
  • Advance Safety Driver Training, (Code 10, 14, C1, EC1, C and EC)
  • Defensive and Advanced Safety Training Combo, (Code 10, 14, C1, EC1,C and EC)
  • Defensive Driver Training and Hijack Prevention Combo, (Code 10, 14, C1, EC1, C and EC)
  • Gravel Road Training, o 4 x 4 Training
  • Hijack Prevention Training
  • Taxi / Minibus Program, (Code 08, 10 B and C1)
  • Trailer / Towing Training
  • Reverse Driving Training

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